X Fridge is a realtime environmental visualization project with some parameters to change the overall view, like the abiliity to add fog or change a camera FOV, and also some post effects like Distortion, Bloom, Paint, etc that are applied in real time. X Fridge was my first serious realtime project and my purpose was to get more familiar with realtime word and also get in professional to work with Quest3D. Another purpose was to achive a higher level of realism. It was very challenging to me, because there are some limitations in realtime content. Modeling and designing done in Maya and realtime framework application was Quest3D. For texturing I use a combination of Maya and Photoshop. To export a mesh in X format from Maya to Quest3D I use Okino PolyTrans for Maya. To generate a normal map I used NVIDIA Normal Map Plugin . All the light bakeing processes are done by Mentalray stand alone and there is no dynamic shadow or light in a final result. X Fridge was in front page of Act3D website for about 6 month. This project published in 2006.

You can download X Fridge from the link blow. It's an EXE for all 32, 64 bit windows.