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I build this realtime project in about 2 month. Its a commercial center located in tehran. Including 16bit float lightmap. The result is correct tonemapping.
Tip about gamma correction:
1. In a software render (for bake) use gamma corrected texture or SRGB. Then use a output gamma correction of 2.2 in render settings and bake your lightmap.
2. use SRGB in your HLSL shader. Finally use HDR to output gamma 2.2
The same method should apply also for dynamic lighting. That was what i learn during this project.
Quest3D Forum
Use Arrow key and mouse to navigate with Walkthrough Camera.
Use Middle mouse button to zoom in and out with Object Inspection Camera.
Press i button to hide and show Info panel.
Z: Show FPS
Space: Reset Walkthrough Camera position
Q: Change Camera Aspect Ratio
M: Music
G: Ground Reflection Quality
F12: C:\normal_screenshot.bmp
T: Motion Blur
B: Black and white
P: Painting
E: Edge Detect
C: Color Correction
R: Radial Blur
Esc: Quit
VIDEO | SamCenter.mp4 | 445 mb
EXECUTABLE | sam-center.exe | 79 mb