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NOVEMBER 22, 2016
My interview with sketchfab.
DECEMBER 19, 2015
Website fully updated.
JANUARY 17, 2012
Me and Christopher Schiefer are working on this full deferred rendering engine for a long time. We ended up with some interesting results in terms of performance.
What you see here is all wip. I have decided to release some Screenshot's and movie of our current progress.
All shading codes are from scratch. We made a huge effort to set it up as optimize as possible.
It took us 1 year and yet long way to go. All post process shaders are downsampled, so it runs very fast @ 1080p.
Quest3D Forum
VIDEO | FreeRadicalWip-01.mp4 | 169 mb
VIDEO | FreeRadicalWip-02.mp4 | 158 mb
JANUARY 3, 2011
JULY 16, 2010
My interview with Persian Designers.
APRIL 16, 2010
Ali Rahimi Shahmirzadi's digital drawings exibition.
DECEMBER 7, 2009
My old flash website navigation bar. Click the image for watch.
DECEMBER 3, 2009
Some of my old offline render & realtime projects.
DECEMBER 2, 2009